The Data Stream Monitor (DSM-01) is an electronic monitor that displays the most fundamental parameters of your engine during a running session. Read More



The DSM-01, a simple yet up to date engine monitor displaying MAP, ACT, ECT, RPM, TPS, Volts and Run Time all at the touch of a button and fitting into existing locations in your vehicles dashboard. See In Action




Designed & Built for Speed
  • Crystal Clear LCD display
  • Fits into existing dashboard
  • Displayed in real time
  • Datalogging via Peak Values
  • Segmented Bar Graphs
  • Alarm Warning Feature
  • Shift Light
  • DIY or Full Fitting Service Available

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  • Pectel T2 - now compatible with the DSM-01
  • Pectel T62000 ECU - now compatible with the DSM-01


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